No-fly zone

Back garden

Back garden

Phoebe and Chloe have lost their test flight area to the kids’ stuff, in particular the paddling pool – Phoebe and the pool are already not on the best of terms due to a little disagreement last autumn.  Oh, and if you look hard, there’s a laundry line out for the summer too!

The park is just too far away for a quick 5 minutes of testing, so it’s the front drive – a mixed blessing: the flying space is larger and completely clear of hard objects except, that is, for the gravel. That means landing legs are mandatory to reduce the chance of props meeting gravel. I already have legs on order for Phoebe (and in fact a set arrived today but short of some critical parts); Chloe already has legs, so until Phoebe’s new legs arrive, Chloe will be flying again. Her HoG is already loaded up with the latest code, and the weather next week is looking good as far as wind and rain is concerned.  She always behaves better than Phoebe, so I’m intrigued to see what effect the latest code changes have on her flights.

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