My get up and go just got up and went!

You might have noticed the tag-line in the blog header has just changed from “Stuff to fulfil your Raspberry Pi!” to “Raspberry Pi and other Stuffing!” – I’m broadening the scope of this blog outside of Raspberry Pi land.

Things are grinding to a halt with Phoebe and Chloe; I have a small rebuild to do on Phoebe to add her new grommets and ESCs, but that’s only going to bring her up to Chloe’s standards at best.  I have some testing to try with the 0g offsets being zero at ambient / boot temperature, but I’m not convinced that’ll come to much.  And until I can get the horizontal drift reduced, then there’s no way I can even think about implementing kitty, the laser tracker..

I’ve always struggled to hang on to a full time hobby for more that a couple of year before my interest drifts.  This Quadcopter project has done well at 30 months and I would keep going if I had any ideas left of where to go, but I’ve been going round and round in ever decreasing circles for a while now, and I have to stop before I vanish up my own sphincter!

I’m sure I’ll never be far away from this project, and will be back periodically with a new idea, or perhaps just a new video after a sunny day (i.e. few seconds) flying the girls in the park.  But for now, time to let the girls rest, and enjoy the sunshine.

Me? Well I’d previously mentioned my interest in DIY HiFi and something over the weekend set that Rolling Stone off again.  More on that anon.

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