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Other than a few test flights, I’ve now put Phoebe on hold so as not to break her before the CotswoldJam at the end of September.  I’ve bought her a new case so I can carry her around safely:

Phoebe's Peli 1600 case

Phoebe’s Peli 1600 case

So this morning, I picked up doing motion processing using the RaspiCam YUV macro-block output –, partly triggered by a pingback yesterday.  The motion processing (in a very simple form) is working fine, but it only produces a CSV file as output allowing me to see the data as a graph in Excel:

Zig-zagging for 10 seconds

Zig-zagging for 10 seconds

Ideally for testing, I’d want a small screen to show the direction / speed the motion processing is detecting.  And as she’s headless, I’d like to add a button to press so that I can do various tests on demand while she’s headless.  In one of the twists of fate, the post brought my new E-paper HAT.  Here’s it installed on Kitty:

Kitty's E-paper screen

Kitty’s E-paper screen

The camera is stuck underneath in one of the super-slim cases I found.

I now need to install the drivers, and update the code to draw variable length arrows for the orientation / speed vector.

After that, I need to add the ultrasonic range finder to get the distance from the ground.  I’ve got a few of these – they’ll do for Kitty, but with their 100kbps I2C baudrate, they’re not good for Phoebe who needs 400kbps I2C baudrate to capture all the sensor data.

Should keep me out of trouble for a while!

4 thoughts on “Motion sensors

    • I guess you mean Phoebe’s case rather than the Pimoroni Coupe Royale for the A+? I bought it off ebay – its a Peli case 1600. They’re virtually bomb proof and come with a lifetime guarantee, and they cost the earth, but peanuts compared to what I’ve spent on just replacement props for Phoebe! And when I found they did one in yellow that was the right size, how could I refuse that she travels in style!

        • The foam comes with the case (at an additional cost), and is split into 1/4″ squares that can be easily pushed out. Diagonals are a real pain and that took a very sharp Sabatier kitchen knife to make it clean. Well worth it!

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