The new Pi Zero with camera requires the latest Raspian version from the 10th May.  The RPIO.PWM code throws an obscure error with this kernel.  The RPIO.PWM library appears to not be managed by the original author, and currently, I don’t understand this error so cant’ fix it.  Deadlock.

Using Zoe’s SD card on Phoebe’s A+ also shows the same problem so it’s a change in the kernel, meaning further development on Phoebe can no longer pick up the latest code.  I’m worried that when the A3 is released later this year, I’ll be forced to use the latest kernel for it and the same RPIO.PWM problem will rear it’s ugly head and prevent further kernel upgrades on Phoebe too.

The only plus for the moment is that I can continue current development on Phoebe based on the January jessie to add the LEDDAR and compass function; in addition, by disconnecting the motors from the ESCs, Phoebe stops whining when there’s no PWM signal meaning I can do development / testing indoors.  Next stop is replace the ground facing camera and URF with the LEDDAR.

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