Here’s Phoebe showing anything Chloe can do, she can do better.

Phoebe flies from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

I’ve upgraded her to T-motor MN3110 750kV motors, and I’ve upgraded them both to the Chinese equivalent of the T-motors props – £10 versus £80 for a set of 4 – they’re stronger and much cheaper so they’ll pay for Phoebe’s new motors in no time.

Once more, I think Phoebe and Chloe are both as good as they can be without a big performance boost (Raspberry Pi A2  or GPIO / RPIO changed to use CFFI for PyPy) to allow

  • separation of sensor sampling and motion processing into separate processes on separate processors
  • kitty(++) to provide laser or picamera motion tracking.

I know I said I’d be implementing kitty(++) on my A+ HoGs, but with a single CPU, anything kitty(++) does is to likely to steal CPU cycles from HoG and so more samples would get lost. I’ll keep working on kitty++ motion from the picamera codex macro-blocks as this has the lesser CPU impact due to its use of the GPU but I’m not convinced it’ll work on just an A+.

But first, I’ll try to understand CFFI to see how hard it would be to recompile the CPython RPIO / GPIO libraries and get better PyPy performance as a result.


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