Me and my favourite piDrone

While the real piDrones are intellectually challenging, engaging and satisfying, a happy smile it rare;  this is the antithesis:

LEGO piDrone

LEGO piDrone

Occasionally upgrading this model costs virtually nothing; most parts come from ebay for a pound or two; the rest are mine from 35+ years ago.  Currently she’s fitted out like Hermione: X8 format with ground facing camera and LiDAR, but unlike Hermione, she already has her Sweep lateral object avoidance LiDAR installed!

You’ve probably seen I’ve not been blogging about Hermione for a week or so; she took a crash and I’ve been waiting for parts.  So instead I’ve blogged about a bunch of distractions while in the background, coding a significant rework for GPS waypoint-defined flight plans, compass orientation and yaw-controlled always-point-the-way-your-flying.  Hermione’s replacement parts arrived yesterday and have been installed, so it’s time for me to get back to testing these code changes.  This could take a while so it may be quiet for the next few days.

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