Making a list, checking it twice

because Phoebe is back and I’m treating her nice!

Her battery is now much more firmly attached than before, so hopefully no further slippage there.

New micro-SD card arrived yesterday, Phoebe’s backup image applied, apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, and she’s fitter than ever.  Thursday is good weather for testing, so I’m currently upgrading the diagnostics (making them easier to interpret), guesstimating / double checking PID gains, and also planning tests.

I realized that take-off from uneven ground does not need the horizontal speed PID, just the absolute angle PID.  This means I can test the latter without the results of the former confusing things – I’ll just set the gains to 0.  She may inherit some horizontal momentum during takeoff until the complementary filter angle starts to be dominated by the accelerometer Euler angles (rather than the integrated gyros which can’t sense the tilted ground), but then she should drift at a (slow?) fixed speed horizontally.

Then if that works, the horizontal speed PID gains can then be used to stop the drift.

Only Thursday will tell.

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