LiPo temperature ratings

I did a flight outdoors this morning; as expected the flight was rubbish but I got the diagnostics I wanted: the IMU dropped by 0.1 degrees during the short flight – a negligible amount which rules out IMU temperature drift as the cause for Phoebe’s motion drift.

After a bit more LiPo digging I found out:

  • they work best in a range of 20 – 60°C
  • a modern LiPo has such a low internal resistance that it doesn’t heat up even under heavy load
  • as a result, the battery needs to be charged at >20°C, and warmed up to the working temperature band prior to cold flights.
  • microwaved dry rice seems to be a common way to give the batteries a pre-flight warm up.

So I need to put together a system to warm up the battery prior to flight, and insulation to maintain the heat during the flight.

The cunning plan is hatching.  More anon.

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