Limb breakages everywhere

I’ve been fitting Phoebe’s new motors and blades.  In doing so, I spotted that one of the arms was broken at the bottom – well hidden inside the central platforms.  And on replacing that, I’ve found out 3 of her four new legs were broken too!  I had spares kicking around so no further cost, but it could explain some of the problems I’ve been having getting  consistent gravity calibration recently, although I don’t think it would wholly explain the flight problems as once she’s airborne, the broken part of the arm is non-structural.

Another lesson though, crash damage can be very hard to see yet structural significant, so arms and legs need careful examination post crash – I’ll add that to my list of checking battery and Raspberry Pi slippage!

Fingers crossed, that’s now all the hardware problems found and fixed, and I can get back to flight testing again!

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