LEDDAR first flights

Clearly, there’s work to do, but at least she took off, and didn’t soar into the stratosphere!

Initial tests with LEDDAR vertical velocity fusion from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

A couple of post-post comments:

  1. This does confirm that LEDDAR works well in sunlight with a very speckled (grass) surface to bounce its IR LED light off.
  2. It turns out the LiPo needed charging – I’ve previously found low-charge LiPos do result in more wobbly flights with these high pitch CF props
  3. Forgotten this final point but I’ll update the post when I remember! Ah, that’s it – the code is still driven by velocities, not distances, so the LEDDAR usage is not guaranteeing height of the ground, but it’s providing vertical velocity stability (differentiated from the distance / timestamp changes) for the integrated (and therefore drifting) vertical velocity from the accelerometer.

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