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Up to now, I’ve deferred adding code to GitHub until a particular development phase is over.  However, so much has changed in the past few months, I ought to share.  Features:

  • X8 optional configuration
  • more precise and efficient scheduling using select() allowing for extra sensors…
  • LEDDAR – fully tested
  • PX4FLOW – tested to the extent the quality of the PX4FLOW allows
  • ViDAR – testing in progress
  • Garmin LIDAR-Lite V3 – arrival imminent
  • Compass – tested but unused except for logging
  • Fusion – tested, but each sensors source requires different fusion paramters

The compass function is unused except for logging.  The ViDAR and Fusion features require at least a height sensor and further calibration.  Therefore, I strongly recommend setting

self.camera_installed = False

unless you want to see how well it isn’t working yet.

Your can enable logging for the ViDAR stats without including them in the Fusion by setting the above to True and also setting these two variables to False:

 # Set the flags for horizontal distance and velocity fusion
 hdf = True
 hvf = True

This code comes with absolutely no warranty whatsoever – even less than it normally does.  Caveat utilitor.

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