I received my final version of my tweaked PiBow back from PeopleKraft yesterday and it’s perfect. I’d wholehearted recommend using their services if you have your own Laser Cutting project – whether it’s a revised PiBow or anything else.

PiBow revision

My PiBow revision 2

They’re a two person business; John manages the design and cutting, and his wife manages the finances.

John uses Adobe Illustrator designs to setup the laser cutter. They have a full Adobe suite if you would like them to do the design work, or alternatively, Adobe offer a 30 day free trial of Illustrator. That’s what I used as I already had the PiBow design as it’s available on public license.

For modifying the PiBow base design, the AI 30-day trial was perfect for me; draft 1 was ready after about a week. I got the first cut back within a couple of weeks (John’s wife had pneumonia which set back their normal turnaround). That showed me a couple of changes needed to accommodate the IDC connector to replace the GPIO pins, and my measurements were slightly out on the draft. I turned those around in a few more days, and John turned those updates around within a week. And the second revision is perfect, so I’ve ordered a few more for safe-keeping!

P.S. There are two mods to this Model A + Case I’ve made: I’ve drilled countersunk holes on the bottom plate of the case, and used countersunk 3mm nylon bolts from ebay, so the base is as flat as a pancake; I’ve also applies heatinks from ModMyPi as these RPi’s are for use in my Drone. The current revision of the drone code never sleeps; that’s giving smoother responses, but at the expense of power consumption – hence the transition to model A and the heatsinks.

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