Keeping the SkySpy under control…

Here’s the remote control I’ve put together.  Hardware is complete, and software isn’t too far off; all that missing is the message definitions that the controller sends to SkySpy and the code on the SkySpy to act upon those.  But before then, I want to get this controller to be a wireless access point, so that I can test the pair outdoors without needing to somehow connect them via the internet wireless phone hub in the house.

SkySpy Controller

SkySpy remote control

There’s a couple of digital joysticks where each has a switch too.  The left-side one will control up and down, the right side, forwards, backwards, left and right, and I’ll be using switches to trigger automated stable take-off or landing plus pressing both together will be an emergency shutdown.   It’s the switch actions I’m aiming to achieve first, and I think it’s gonna be a lot of trial and error – hence my need to get out of the house to do the testing, and therefore the independent WAP.

Other minor details – there’s a Ninja PiBow, a Lithium Ion battery and 3 breadboards on here.  The boards are particularly  perfect as they have six rows of connectors instead of five, and the power track points are aligned with the main board connects.  Together that means more connectors, more densely packed, and in this case, that means they fit under the Ninja Pi posts snug as a bug in a rug.

You’ll also note the +3dB antennas used in preparation for outdoor use both on SkySpy and the controller.

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