Joystick knobs

I chose the joysticks for my drone remote control from austrianmicrosystems (via proto-pic) because they were digital with an i2c connection, rather than analogue requiring my own A/D converter.  Some of decision was based on simplicity, and some simply on breadboard space.  The only problem with these is they have tiny 2mm sqaure posts which (I suspected) would make accurate control of the SkySpy tricky.  So I needed some knobs to fit on the posts.  But the posts are only 2mm square and only 0.9mm high.

I was at a bit of loss how to make these, so I thought I put in a cheeky but honest request to  AMS as I’d seen some nice knobs on one of their sales demos

And AMS were brilliant.  Their UK sales rep got hold of a couple and sent them to me.  Not only do they look better, they provide a much firmer and finer level of control operating the joystick.


Cheers Phil, hugely appreciated!

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