Jessie James

With the main installation completed, and run

sudo python ./ --tc 1 -h 220

and seen the props spin, it seems all is well.

Finally step is to WAP her, which then isolates her from the internet and makes any further changes a bit of a faff.

I followed my own instructions to do this, with 2 minor changes:

  1. I’m still using the RealTek USB dongles, so I needed an updated hostapd; I got this from here, downloading to my B2, compiling, copying the revised hostapd to a USB stick, plugged it into Chloe and then replaced her default /usr/sbin/hostapd with this one.
  2. I also had some new problems as wpa-supplicant is no longer used.  I had to use the GUI app to configure all the information for wlan0 in there too – IP address (, netmask, and everything else

With those two changes, I now have Chloe’s WAPping again, and once more she’s ready to fly, but this now with Jessie.

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