It’s alive!

I’ve been fiddling for the last couple of weeks now, on and off, playing with my 25 year old Lego (thanks Mum & Dad for saving it for the grand-kids – I’ll let them have it once they’re old enough!). I’ve been using Lego kit 8860 which is Lego Technic kit (no longer available, I think) which amongst many other things built a car chassis with steering, gears, adjustable seats, and engine with moving pistons. The Turtle luckily was much simpler…

The only fiddly bit really is how to attach the motors with 5mm shafts to the lego “+ shaped” shafts.  Proto-pic do an adapter for 3mm shafts, so I have a couple of those, so I just needed to carefully drill them out to 5mm.  One of the few times in my life I wished I had a lathe!

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