Incy wincy spider…



I’m putting these modified DJI F450 Flamewheel legs (leftovers from Phoebe) to the test. On Phoebe, they were the cause of a lot of damage because they were attached to the underside of her ‘body’; she often tripped over her own legs on landing, and smashed her props into the ground.  So I replaced the legs with the gold foam dome and the legs got shelved.

But in their reincarnated version, they are mounted out on the arms, primarily to protect the ‘wrists’ of the arms from bending if they hit the ground. These arms are lovely bits of machined aluminium, but there is a weak-spot at the wrist where the arm’s cross-section like this Π changes to this .  I’ve got a stack of arms with bent wrists due to landing on them.

If today’s weather clears enough for a quick test flight, I’ll try them out to see if they can sustain landings from the much heavier HoG, and if so, they’ll become a permanent installation.

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