“In the deep mid-winter…

calmly flew my drone;
carbon props were spinning
with very little roam.”

In the deep mid-winter from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

I’ll get my coat.

I’ve finally found some carbon props that work for Zoe; sadly they’re not the cute looking tri-blades I’d been hunting for – they only seem to be available for tiny quads.  My new ones are 8″ tip to tip, compared to the 6.5″ of the floppy props.  They provide a lot more lift at lower rotation rate which is good as far as capturing all available data is concerned below the 460Hz low pass filter.  Critically, and the main reason for wanting CF props, they are very strong, and don’t bend permanently with gentle contact with the ground unlike the floppies.

2 thoughts on ““In the deep mid-winter…

    • Thanks! Best flight with CF props, but nowhere near as good as with the plastic ones with the same code. So I’ve just spent some time this afternoon balancing the props and it’s better – still not as good as the plastic props, but definitely better; there’s definitely something about the flexibility of the plastic props that means the sensors get much cleaner readings.

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