A change is as good as a rest…

I’m really struggling to get this drone to hover stably, and in the mean time, some neighbo(u)rs of of ours were burgled.  And that got me thinking about home alarm systems, which rapidly led to a cunning plan:

  • Digital Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detection sensors are easily available
  • Combine one of those with a RaspberryPi Model B, a power supply, a switch, and a piezo sounder, and you have a standalone, per-room alarm system
  • Add in a power-line system (we already have one by TP-Link as our house is made of brick which WiFi does go through well), a PiCam per AlarmPi and an ethernet connection, and you can connect these AlarmPi’s together to a central control AlarmHubPi which could then do one of many things if an alarm was triggered such as
    • set off all the AlarmPi to shreik throught the house
    • text or phone the house owner
    • call the police or the neighbo(u)rs
    • video the intruders and post to the cloud as evidence
    • set off CS gas canisters in the rooms
    • lockdown (or electify) the house so the intruder is available for arrest.

With such a vast array of punishment available, you really need to make sure it doesn’t get dealt out to you.  Rather than a boring (and forgettable) number pad, how about face recognition provided by a PiCam at the AlarmHub?  That would mean anyone in a family, even remote, could, once the face recognistion is trained, disable the alarm simply by smiling at the hub?

I have Pi’s a plenty and other than the power-line ethernet connection, the rest of the kit is perhaps £25 per AlarmPi.  I have the hardware for the first standalone AlarmPi ready for building, so I think I’ll give the drone a break for a week or two.  Don’t worry, it’ll be back, but sometimes, direct thought fails, and only time-out leads to the epiphany.

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