Human. I am human.

From the Mavic:

From my iPhone:

The only mysterious behaviour was the unexpected drift after the end of deliberate yaw; it’s not the RC nor me; best guess, the sensors are seeing the yaw as lateral drift somehow.

P.S Zoe is now retired as she’s done all she can within the constraint of her CPU speed.  She’ll be back if and when a faster Pi0W is announced.

P.P.S. Penelope is boxed up also, partly because there’s nothing she can do that Hermione hasn’t done already, and partly because Garmin are still faffing around launching their new LiDAR.  If that appears, there is some value in bringing her back to life, both because she’s a (faster) B3+ and she’s running Stretch – up to now, everyone is stuck on Jessie from February 2017  – the last point I2C worked with the Garmin.

P.P.P.S. The title is from the film “Arrival” which is very good if that’s the sort of film you like!

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