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This site got a whole months worth of hits last night due to ping backs to my BYOAQ-BAT articles triggered by the launch of the new Pi Zero.  Welcome to PiStuffing, one and all.

My name’s Andy, Hove is a nickname from school that’s stuck.  The blog is mostly about my quadcopter project, with a few other side-projects included for variety.

My quadcopters, Phoebe and Chloe, are very much experimental; they’re written in Python running on a RPi A+ running the Jessie Raspian OS.  With the release of the Pi Zero, I hope to add a new member to the family soon.  When I started the project 3 years ago I knew nothing about the details of how quadcopters work, and so I set about working it out for myself from scratch.  Hence they are unique.  Phoebe and Chloe both run off pre-configured flight plans, no remote control.  Ideally, they should have GPS, altimeter and compass to be truly autonomous, but currently they only have an accelerometer and gyroscope, and so their flights only last a few seconds before they start drifting away from the flight plan.

Probably the best way to see progress is to check out the videos on Vimeo like this one:

Progress is now very slow now and the posts are pretty dull as they are full of tedious tiny details.  But there are interesting gems amongst of the noise – have a look at the front page to see if anything catches your eye!

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