How to build an AlarmPi

Here’s the contents of the breadboard. Some of this stock was ordered from but was sent by Newark, their US partner. As a result, postage costs £16 per order, so make sure you include all you need. In my case it was

Here’s the code – you can tell from GPIO_SWITCH, GPIO_LED, GPIO_PIR and GPIO_SOUNDER which device (sensor or output) is connected to which pin on the breadboard Pi Cobbler.

Here’s a bigger pic of the breadboard.  +3.3v from Cobbler pin one is connected to both red lines.  Ground from Cobbler pins 6 & 9 are connected to both the blue rails.

AlarmPi breadboard

AlarmPi breadboard details

That’s all for now, both because I’m gonna have another shot (metaphorically for the moment) at the Drone, and also, there’s a minor restriction in the RPi.GPIO library which needs fixing (by me?) before I can progress on the hubs.  I’ll explain more in another post.

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