No Hesitation, Repetition or Deviation

Although neither the drone nor alarm pi projects are even phase 1 complete (phase 1 for the drone is safe automaton takeoff, hover and land, and for the alarm is independent alarm control), I’m strongly considering moving from the RPi.GPIO library to the RPIO library for a number of reasons:

  • RPIO interrupts can be used to wake calls, whereas RPi.GPIO runs a separate thread which can only wake a on the make thread by sending a SIGINT – functional but ugly
  • RPIO supports hardware PWM across any GPIO port whereas currently, I use I2C to connect to a PWN breakout chipset

While using the RPi.GPIO works fine, RPIO just feels better. So once phase 1 of both projects are complete, I’m going to add phase 1.5 which is the switchover to RPIO (or perhaps merge the best of both).

In passing, I’m also considering moving over to PiPi once it’s available in the Wheezy distro – the drone is running full speed currently with no sleeps. Moving to PiPi means I can start introducing time.sleep() as the precursor to TCP socket inputs via Currently the space in the CPU cycles from using interpreted Python is feeling a bit small to stably introduce remote control.

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