Hedgehog Pi Recipe


Hedgehog breakfast

Hedgehog breakfast

Here’s the finished build:



Over the course of last night, 58 shots were taken when motion was detected.  After each shot, there’s a delay of 1 minute to prevent too many shots being taken.

I’m in the process of getting the code on GitHub – I’ll update the post when it’s there.
The code is now on GitHub.

Next step is to take video for say 1 minute for each motion detected.

7 thoughts on “Hedgehog Pi Recipe

      • Would you kindly place a wiring diagram?
        I see how you connected some of the leds, but where does the +/- wires connect to? Is it a second port on your battery? I have to same power supply battery, it’s nice!


  1. Very cool project. Just wondering why you chose the model B, wouldn’t the model A give you a lot more battery life? Was it just a case of convenience or was there something more practical?

    • Pure convenience – I had a spare model B around unused. With a model B and WiFi, the 10000mAh battery still easily lasted the night. I guess with a model A or A+, and no WiFi that might expand to more than 24 hours!

      I might have a go next time I have time to kill with my Quadcopter project and a spare A+ hanging round 🙂

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