Haven or Hell?

Just back from just over a week’s camping in Minty, our VW Camper Van in the River Dart Country Park: a fantastic place for kids and grown ups – and great value too – go there! After that, off to Burnham-on-Sea Haven holidays camp-ground – a very different experience but the kids loved it – and if the kids are happy, so are their parents!

Anyway, with no internet and no Raspberry Pi’s, I had to engage my brain in isolation; the net results of which are

  • A while ago I’d achieved the level of code / calibration equivalent to an off-the-shelf quadcopter – these generally have 2 PIDs in the X and Y axes controlling stability and absolute angle – trouble is I didn’t realize that back then when Phoebe also had that PID structure; my target was (and still is) autonomous control, whereas this PID layout also requires “the nut behind the wheel” – i.e. a human being with Radio Control.
  • I still have a couple of lines of code left from the days when I did have the absolute angle PID (as opposed to the motion PID now controlling things), and these are probably causing trouble; first job tomorrow is to take them out.


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