S’no drift!

Found my bravery, so I took this new code outside and flew it.  And it worked!  Vertical take-off and none of the rapid horizontal ‘drift’ into walls or railings.  Sadly it showed I needed some more PID tuning, as she was see-sawing on the X axis, and then exceeded her temperature limit, so died midair, still rotating.  She hit the ground on her side at pretty much the point she took off from (!), stuck a blade in the ground and then continued rotating until she was horizontal.  That was the last of my 11 x 3.7 blades broken, but I have another two sets on order already, but with the state of the postal service at this time of the year, there’s no guarantee they won’t arrive until 2015!

Flight path

Flight path from above – note the scale is in meters!

Distance vs Time

Distance vs Time (vertical units in meters, horizontal in seconds)

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