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I’ve had at least one report of someone’s quadcopter based on Phoebe’s code just flipping onto it’s head at takeoff.  I couldn’t really help as I’d not seen such symptoms – until the other day that it.

I have no idea why the flip doesn’t happen each and every time on Phoebe, and does for others; my apologies to those whose quad suffered the problem and I was unable to help.

Anyway, the fix is to replace your version of calibrateGyros() with this one:

 def calibrateGyros(self):
   gx_offset = 0.0
   gy_offset = 0.0
   gz_offset = 0.0

   for iteration in range(0, self.__CALIBRATION_ITERATIONS):
     [ax, ay, az, gx, gy, gz] = self.readSensors()

     gx_offset += gx
     gy_offset += gy
     gz_offset += gz

   self.gx_offset = gx_offset / self.__CALIBRATION_ITERATIONS
   self.gy_offset = gy_offset / self.__CALIBRATION_ITERATIONS
   self.gz_offset = gz_offset / self.__CALIBRATION_ITERATIONS

Let me know via the comments if this solves your problem too.

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