I haven’t smiled this much since my kids were born.  I’m still beaming now with the occasional burst of delighted laughter too; my jaws are even starting to ache.  It’s just over 4 years since the project was born, and finally it’s shown that a Raspberry Pi running standard Raspian Linux and programmed in Python is more that capable of running a fully autonomous quadcopter (though strictly speaking, Hermione is an X8 drone). 🙂 😛 😀 😎

P.S. This isn’t the end but the opening up of the next phase:

  • Test higher resolution for the ground facing RaspiCam video, ideally to the maximum of 1076 x 1076 pixels and see whether that’s good enough for lateral flights on the gravel drive.  This is relatively simple and could well happen in the next few days.
  • Add GPS both for setting multi-step targets, and, combined with compass, tracking the flight location / orientation between these targets.  There’s several phases to keep me busy here.
  • Add the imminently arriving Scanse Sweep for object avoidance
  • Set her loose in a maze!

But for the moment, I just need to wait for my rabid grin to ease!

P.P.S. Code’s updated on GitHub

P.P.P.S. I’ve stashed the video on the front page so I can carry on blogging.

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