Flight of the body snatcher

Body snatcher flight from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

So this is the first flight of Chloe’s HoG running on Hermione’s frame.

She drifts right as Chloe always has but more so, and she doesn’t have LEDDAR installed, so the hover height is wrong. She’s seriously underpowered with the T-motor 1240 props, but the X8 configuration will fix that, but will require new PCBs.

Due to the lack of LEDDAR, she’s running the velocity rather than distance as the outer PID; combined with the lower power, that means she doesn’t get as high as she should.

Finally, you’ll notice significant yaw that eventually corrects as the yaw rate PID i-gain kicks in; again that due to the size of the props and X8 will resolve that.

Next steps are to

  • add code for PX4FLOW
  • get legs to allow underside sensors
  • add PIX4FLOW – LEDDAR is going into (permanent?) retirement as long as the PIX4FLOW provides good vertical height data with it’s URF.
  • bodge up the current PCB to add another 5V output pin for PIX4FLOW
  • bodge up the PX4FLOW I2C wiring for 0.1″ pitch connection to PCB
  • get the PCBs for X8.

Plenty to keep me busy for a while!

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