a flight worth videoing:

First decent test flight post PID tuning from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

Flight controls were 3 seconds ascent to 1m, 5 seconds hover and then 3 seconds descent.

Inner PIDs are good; she was stable not wobbling or jiggling throughout the flight.

Takeoff was at a bit of an angle due to one of her legs being stuck in the mud, but once the complementary filter started to be dominated by the accelerometer data, she corrected herself to a pure horizontal hover.

Not quite sure yet about the drift back after that – there was zero wind, so I wonder whether somewhere, there’s an integral that’s over-enthusiastic.

4 thoughts on “Finally…

    • Yes, I am – although there’s always something to make better – just been out again to improve the uneven ground take-off earlier, but the wind’s picked up – it was beautifully still this morning so blame was easy to find. This afternoon, there’s more guesswork and so more breakages of blades as a result!

        • I should have said “higher risk of blades breaking”.

          It used to be costly during the spring / summer, but these days, a crash into a hard surface is very rare, and with all the wet winter weather, the blades just mow the lawn or slice holes in it – quick wipe with a damp cloth and they’re good as new!

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