Nope – I’ve not been scything the garden with Chloe or Zoe, it’s off-topic about an eco-weedkiller I found out about from the neighbours that I thought worth sharing.


  • 5 litres vinegar (£12 for 20 litres from Amazon)
  • 2 tbps salt (free from the kitchen)
  • a dash of fairy liquid (or other brand) to break the surface tension (ditto)
  • a 5 litre pressurized garden spray (£8 from Amazon)

Spray it on the nasties – we have wild rhubarb, nettles, ground elder and giant hogweed (a more virulent, smelly and ugly version of cow parley).  All of these have large root systems – kill one batch, and another batch springs up feet away.  After spraying ours yesterday, today they are all looking decidedly dying today and I strongly suspect the root system is suffering too.

Why not use shop based weed-killers?  This stuff is better, cheaper, ecologically sound, and therefore safe for our chickens and kids to play at the same time.

The only downside seems to be the “Chip Shop” smell for a day or two.  Like Marmite, it’s a love it or hate it – I love it!

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