Duct tape is like the force…

it has a dark side and a light side, and it holds the universe together.

Tenuous link, but I thought I’d share my final version of my calibration kit:

Calibration Cube

Calibration cube

  • There’s a 10mm x 500mm x 500mm acrylic base with corner wingnut bolts and a spirit level to create a stable flat horizonal platform
  • Upon that is a 5mm x 400mm x 400mm cube with one side missing
  • Inside that is my drone, but with blades removed
  • And binding it all together is duct tape.

The duct tape sticks the drone into one of the corners of the cube, and to be base, so that as the cube is reoriented through 90 degrees to stand on all 6 sides, the drone moves with it. Readings from the accelerometer over 10 seconds in each direction are each averaged and offseted to ensure each direction reads true.

There’s one final step not shown here, done separately where the drone sits on the horizonal platform and the vertical z axis is read over 10s, and averaged to a factor to ensure it reads 1g. That’s critical to ensure the z axis reads 1g when the x and y axes read zero representing a stable hover.

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