It’s taken 5+ years for me to get to this point in the quadcopter project; as a result, it’ll now take someone else a day to build the same once all the parts are together.

It’s cost me several thousand pounds in equipment, electronics and replacement parts. I’ve ebay’d virtually everything of value that I owned when I was young, free and single, but that funding source has now run dry – and they won’t allow me to ebay my kids, and there’s no money to be made from standing my wife on the street corner of our little village!

I’m amazed and delighted how many of you follow this blog, but even that costs: I’ve had to increase my bandwidth limit from 1GB per month, through 2GB to 10GB and now to 20GB.

My time I give freely – after all I wouldn’t have taken on the project had I thought I could not afford it, so please don’t donate through financial sympathy.  But if you think there is value in what you read here, please do donate via paypal to andy at pistuffing dot co dot uk – just one £ / $ / € would be absolutely amazing!

Many thanks in advance.


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