Despicable Me 2

A take-off, hover, land flight with the horrendous hack.  The difference is the flight is twice the length of all previous flight video.

Chloe with the hack from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

So for now, dirty will do nicely, though I do intend to try the FIFO method too, initially with threads to get the code working, and then I’ll move over to using processes to avoid the GIL thread blocking.

I also want to separate the initialization code from the flight code, so that once initialized, I could run flight after flight at the touch of a button.  This actually shares the same problem as the FIFO code so I might do this first split of initialization from flight before I then split flight in motion and sampling via the FIFO.

The reason I’m continuing to fight with this rather than getting on with kitty(++) is that for her to operate well, Phoebe needs to be behaving as well as possible.

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