Crude camera calibration

Based upon the walk graphed in the previous post, the measured distanced in the garden, and a crude guesstimation that I was carrying the test rig about 1m off the ground as I walked the walk, the macro-block output is about 87,500 pixels per meter height per meter distance or

horizontal distance = height * macro-block output / 87500

For the moment, that’s more than accurate enough.

A few things left to do before this code can be used in Hermione

  1. Currently, the video and macro block processing run in separate threads, connected by a shared memory FIFO; ultimately this needs splitting into into two processes which could then run on separate CPUs should a multi-core A3 appear.
  2. There’s some work to integrate the waiting on the FIFO into the main quadcopter scheduling loop – it replaces the current time.sleep() with listening on the FIFO with a timeout of the time.sleep() value.
  3. At the gory details level, I need to make sure the video and IMU X and Y axes are aligned when the new PSBs arrive.

Shouldn’t take too long except for the minor detail I’m off to DisneyLand Paris next week 🙁

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