Countdown to CamJam: 7 days to go


  • one bug fix to integrated the gyros rather than just using the last sample
  • one deletion of redundant conversion from horizontal velocity to required angle whose PID is ancient history
  • retune the horizontal PIDs’ gains
  • test flight leading to a number of literally flipping crashes as my guestimate PID gains were way too high
  • fix resultant Phoebe who wouldn’t boot after crashes – SD card socket damaged irreparably – new model A (reserved for the now unnecessary radio control)
  • retune again with much reduced PID gains resulting in…
  • final test flight of the day: she takes off at the angle she was tilted on the ground resulting in rapid backward movements which then slows, stops, and she then returns to the point she took off from.

Net: probably the best motion tracking flight yet, but the day would have been much more satisfying had I not had been forced to rebuild her mid-way through.  Still on track for CamJam in 1 week.

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