Cotswold Jam

Cotswold Raspberry Jam

Cotswold Raspberry Jam

Where: University of Gloucestershire, Park Campus, Cheltenham
When: Saturday 15th September 2018 13:00 – 16:00

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One thought on “Cotswold Jam

  1. Dear Mr. Andy Baker.
    I am a student at University of Gaziantep in Turkey.
    I and my three friends are trying to make an autonomous quadcopter with using Raspberry Pi.
    We are using, MPU6050, HC-SR04 and GY-NEO6MV2. We need some helps for codding. Could you please help us about this subject? We have some questions. If you want to help us, please e-mail me. I will send all the datas to you, then you can check our project. We need your advices also. We are waiting for your reply.

    Wish you good day.

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