Code updated on GitHub

I’ve just posted the latest code to GitHub.  With my old-stock much cheaper carbon fiber 11 x 5 props fitted, I was able to do several test flights without a care in the world about smashing into things, and as a result, I know I have code worth posting.

Ironically these cheaper blades are also stronger as they don’t have the cork sandwich like the T-motor ones.  So despite several arguments with walls, swings, swingball posts, and a slide, I’m still using the same set of 4 I started with.

Next steps then are to tinker with dlpf, gravity filter and motion PID settings to kill the fixed velocity drift (which arises during takeoff), and the absolute height attained on take-off.  And I can do so with confidence know I have a stock of cheap blades, and if they do run out, a replacement set is a quarter of the price of the old ones.

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