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I’ve reworked the code so the bulk is a python import library (, and is now just a shim header to import the bulk of the code.  Imported libraries are pre-interpreted and the results stored in bitcode (Quadcopter.pyc).  If the .py code hasn’t changed since the previous run, then the interpreter picks up the .pyc file instead; the .pyc file is automatically generated if the .py and .pyc don’t match.

Why bother?  I thought I’d see what sort of performance improvement it would yield.  The answer is minimal – perhaps 2% – not really a surprise as the bulk of the processing is reading the sensors, and that happens at a fixed period that the code can never go faster than, but it was worth a try, and now it’s done, I’ll leave it in place on GitHub.

In passing, you may have noticed that Phoebe’s new built is not using the URF; that’s because I’m missing a connector that Farnell have on back order, but in the meantime I need to test the physical rebuild.  A Cube Calibration of gravity seems to have sorted her consistent forward drift, and now I have the same sort of sluggish self-correcting drift I had previously.

Next step is to do a double check on horizontal velocity tuning, as I think I may not be putting enough P gain into the PID.  Weather looks good this weekend, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

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