Code update and horizontal flight plan

I’ve just uploaded the latest code up to GitHub.  It only adds some tested tuning and diagnostics to ensure the tightest zero drift yet, perhaps the best it can possibly be.

I have a cunning plan to add a degree of remote control without breaking my ruling of no human in the feedback loop.  But I need to check first Phoebe can walk before I teach her to run.

To that end I’ll add horizontal velocity targets into the configured flight plan along the lines of

  • 2.0 seconds climb at 30cm per second
  • 1.0 seconds hover
  • 2.0 seconds horizontal movements at 30cm per second
  • 1.0 seconds hover
  • 2.0 seconds descent at 30cm per second.

No changes to the code are required, but clearly the test flights will need to happen outside until my confidence builds.

I couldn’t resist taking her out for a flight with intentional lateral movement included in the flight plan. And it just worked – I just inserted 3s of leftwards movement between a second of hover either side. It was cool to watch her climb, hover, then lean left, flattening out once at 0.3m/s, and then leaning right to put the horizontal breaks on as the flight plan swapped back to hover again.

There was a lost of height throughout, but nowhere near as much as I’d expected.  I’ll see if I can get a video to show it.

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