Caught a cold

I flew my new experimental fusion filter several times this morning; Phoebe barely got off the ground.  After several flights reconfiguring the GERMS (Gravity Error Root Mean Square) filter to no avail, I just ran the normally successful code, and that too failed to get off the ground in exactly the same way.  So it’s battery power at cold ambient temperature rather than the GERMS filter.  Phew!

So I now have a couple of 4S GensAce 2300mAh batteries on order; the higher voltage (compared to the 3S version) means that even with the higher internal impedance at lower temperatures, there should still be enough power for the motors; at the same time, the low temperature higher impedance should help to warm the cells and so keep the impedance low enough.  It’ll probably be Tuesday before the batteries arrive, and so Wednesday before GERMS testing can resume.  Weather forecast is looking good for the week ahead.  Onwards and upwards, hopefully!

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