CamJam report

Just back from the CamJam – focussed very much on robots and robotics. ┬áLots of people attended my presentation and asked lots of interesting and intelligent questions, and critically, nobody got hurt during Phoebe’s well behaved (outdoors) demo.

The Foundation turned out in force; I saw Eben, Liz, Carrie Anne and Ben, though I spoke to none of them as I was either stressing prior to the demo, or chilling out afterwards (@recantha – there needs to be a bar at the next one!)

There were lots of robotic gizmos, gadgets and kits on sale – I nearly got my wallet out for a couple, and may well still (I’ll add links when I track them down).

  • a Segway style two wheeled self-balancing robot kit
  • 64×64 LED sqaure for all sorts of display / game (i.e. tetris style) usage from skpang

Big thanks to Mike and Tim for setting up a great event – I’ll be back!

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