BYOAQ-BAT X: Test Flight

If you haven’t already, please read the previous BYOAQ-BAT articles first – just search for the BYOAQ-BAT tag.

HoG’s test flight from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

Not the first test flight, but the first I managed to capture on video. Yes, she flew too high, and yes, she drifted towards me, but that was to be expected. The zero-gravity calibration does still shift with temperature, and I’d calibrated at about 20°C, and flown at 10°C, so 10.5mg offset from calibration which equates to 1% error in gravity. She also needs some vertical velocity PID tuning as she’s relying on the integral too much. She also probably needs PID tuning on the pitch rotation rate to help with the drift towards me. And I’d like to experiment with the independent gyro and accelerometer dlpf settings. But regardless, this was at least equal, if not better than anything Phoebe, Chloë or Zoë ever flew.

The exact code for this flight is up on GitHub now.

And that, my friends, is the end of the BYOAQ-BAT articles.  Donations willingly and gratefully received.

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