BYOAQ-BAT IV: Software installation

If you haven’t already, please read the previous BYOAQ-BAT articles first – just search for the BYOAQ-BAT tag.

A very short article this time around, just picking up and configuring the last few bits of software that are specific to this project.

  • get RPIO from here and install – it provide DMA PWM on any GPIO pin
  • from GitHub
  • from GitHub
  • GPIO.tgz from GitHub.

Check pins in match your PCB layout for pins attached to the sensor interript, heater, and ESC PWM connections.  In my case, these are:

 ESC_BCM_FL = 27
 ESC_BCM_FR = 17
 ESC_BCM_BR = 19

These tell the code which GPIO pins (based on the Broadcom chip pin numbers, not the Raspberry Pi board pin numbers) connect to which ESCs, data ready interrupt on the IMU and the heating element.

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