BYOAQ-BAT II: Hardware construction

If you haven’t already, please read the previous BYOAQ-BAT articles first – just search for the BYOAQ-BAT tag.

The next step is to build the hardware components: attaching the PCB to the model A+ / B+ Raspberry Pi ,adding those to a baseboard and building the frame.  This is only really just a BOM, as assembly is trivial.

First, the pieces required to securely attach the A+ to the Beret and the Base.  Together, I’m going to refer to these throughout the articles as the Heart of Gold or HoG

  • Pimoroni Coupe Royale – only the base plate is used; the inner holes are countersunk for…
  • M2.5 10mm countersunk bolt to connect the base plate to the A+ via…
  • 3mm spacer.
  • 11mm M2.5 hexagonal spacer to solidify the join between the Raspberry Pi and the Beret – my 40 pin IDC is 11mm high
  • flat head M2.5 6mm (appox) bolts to connect the Beret to the 11mm standoffs
  • Non-slip washers for the bolts above.


Secondly, the physical frame of the quadcopter



For the moment, the frame and the HoG are left unconnected.  The HoG needs OS, packages, software, calibration and tuning before these two with meet again.  I’ll start on this next time.

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