Wot no Kalman!

Before I’d even finished my previous post, I’d found a solution that meant I didn’t need a Kalman filter just yet

It all started with this, describing how to merge accelerometer Euler angles with gyro angular rate transformed from body frame to the 3 Euler frames.  But as per usual, it wasn’t enough; while I understand the complementary filter well, I didn’t understand the conversions of gyro rotation rates in the body frame to the Euler frames.  Until I found this.

That now allows a complementary filter to track Euler angles short term via gyro and long term with the accelerometer.  I know I’ve done this before, but this time, I’m merging measurements in the same same set of Euler frames so the results should be correct.

A bit of manic coding last night, combined with a repeat of yesterday’s tests showed this.

Complementary Euler

Complementary Euler

Compare this with the graph from yesterday’s equivalent tests:

net acceleration

net acceleration

I hope you agree this is much better – as expected there are roughly sinusoidal lines about 90° out of phase as Phoebe rolled around the floor in circles.

No option now but to test this new code live – need to find where I left my bravery first though!

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