Bugger stats and logic, use the Force

Having had a quick look over my matrix code last night, and a re-review of the stats, I’m pretty sure that code is good.

So today, I decided to take a different approach: just cram in as many flights as possible, and look for common behaviour.

Each flight took off from my favourite patch of daisies in the lawn, and used identical configuration.  Each flight drifted, but the fore-aft drift seemed entirely random; the port-starboard drift seemed more consistently to starboard, notably in complete contrast to the wall-collision on the port side yesterday.

So absolutely no conclusions can be drawn as yet, but I plan to proceed along the same lines later once Phoebe’s batteries have charged in the hope that some consistency of behaviour starts to emerge.

4 thoughts on “Bugger stats and logic, use the Force

  1. Yes, that’s the one I meant. Still getting my terminology straight 🙁
    Haven’t got my kit yet either. Hopefully in the next week or so.
    Anyway, my next thought was along the lines of fixing the ‘copter and recording what the sensors say is happening, if you get my drift.

    • Yup, sadly, been there, done that. All of my testing for the past few weeks has involved checking / calibrating the accelerometer so that what it says matches what that quad’s doing – checking angles and acceleration when on a tilt – it’s all perfect until I do it with motors / props engaged – take-off is fine, but real world horizontal drift often just doesn’t match the sensors; my current plan is simply to keep testing, checking sensor outputs for a flight against what I actually see, hopefully to find out how / why / when they start to disagree.

      I’m even at the stage of swapping my MPU6050 to see if the one I’m using is ‘dodgy’ due to the number of hard hits it’s sustained!


    • Hi Dave,

      Not sure – I’ve definitely got a fix that that makes sure the DLPF works by doing the initialization in the right order – is that the same as the Gyro init? Can you share a link?



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