Buffing, the noise slayer!

OK, pushing my luck this time with the title of the post, but I spent too much time either side of the millenium watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I have the full DVD set, so I wanted to involve Sarah Michelle Geller in here somehow.

Anyway, I mentioned previously I’ve balanced my props, but I’ve done it again since to much higher tolerances with a Dremel coarse buffing bit (geddit?) and a new maglev balancer – the old one had minor damage and the results were variable.

Anyhow, with that I did see a couple of internal flights with nigh on zero drift with the accelerometer low pass filter set to 2 (92Hz).  But I also still saw occasional drift in the front-left direction leading to a minor scratch on a table leg, and a damaged blade when it hit the metal log ‘basket’ in front of the fire.  Having ruled out the props, it’s time to check the motors; if there is still real noise, then the motors are at fault.  Roll the sequence…

Motor and Prop noise

Motor and Prop noise

This is a test case 1 flight (sudo python ./qc.py -h 220 –tc 1): spin each blade separately, and log the accelerometer readings for each; a sequence of 5s each for front left, front right, back left and finally back right blades..

Based upon the orange and blue X and Y accelerometer readings, back right’s the noisiest, followed by front left, back left and finally front right which is interesting / odd as it’s front right with the damaged prop.

I don’t think there’s much to deduce from this single run other than the new diagnostics I’ve added to test case one are worthwhile.

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