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The top two sketches are yesterday’s and future processes used by my code.  Today, the code is more like the left, except the pilot has been broken out to its own process: it still just reads the file based flight plan.  It’s been tested passively, and the logs show correct data fed to, read by and logged by the motion process – the fact the flight ends ‘underground’ is there intentionally to ensure landing always touches down:

Autopilot flight plan targets

Autopilot flight plan targets

The lower left in my sketch defines several steps adding ‘AI’ to the autopilot.  This example uses a normal file based flight plan to move 10m forward; part of the way, there is a diagonal wall in the way.  First step is to feed Sweep to the autopilot from the motion processor so the pilot can see the wall.  Next step is to hover / land when the pilot spots an obstacle that’s too close.  Finally, the pilot leaves the motion hovering an indeterminate amount of time while the wall is mapped and a diversion created to redirect Hermione around the obstacle.

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