Blog stats and a new project?

Just a couple of stats about my blog history.

First, the bandwidth of my web site over the last 6 years.

Blog hits

Blog hits

Points worth mentioning….

There’s the video hits when the RPi post was made:

Raspberry Pi Video Stats

Raspberry Pi Video Stats

  • On Saturday 1st September, I sent my sample blog post to the RPi team
  • It was tweaked and polished during Saturday and Sunday ready for posting on…
  • Monday 3rd September: the vimeo videos were hit by 1373 watching that day!
  • The hits dropped steadily until it dropped from the front page on Friday 7th, but it was compensated by the weekly RPi news e-mail on the same day running over the weekend.
  • Thereafter a slow descend to normality of <10 hits per day by the end of September.

Although I said the project is done, a colleague at the Cotswold Jam suggested I added a forward-facing camera; I’m considering this: with 2 servos and a gyrometer for stability, photos and video on an RPi0W would be interesting and challenging, especially feeding a video live to the remote control!  I’m investigating this right now!


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